Testing your GraphQL application


Previously we took the textbook beginner Flask application and added it some GraphQL capabilities. However an application before being production ready it should have at least both unit and integration tests. There is an abundance of tutorials. But the main idea is never ever release something without both fellas. Or as the official Flask testing tutorial says

Something that is untested is broken.

For the developer, it can uncover bugs in the code very early. For the client it will increase the amount of trust on you (and preference). In this article we focus on the GraphQL testing on your…

Flask tutorial application gets Graphqled


Graphql is all the rage since it was released to the public from Facebook in 2015 “GraphQL: A data query language”. Numerous clients/servers in varying degrees of maturity have appeared. The tangible benefit of Graphql is to reduce the storm of REST calls to compose the parts of an object. This way the API is not abused to behave as a query language. …

Vasileios Anagnostopoulos

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